A commission funding is a financial service whereby we purchase a portion of an agent’s pending real estate commission for residential and commercial property. This includes both sales and rental commissions. This is not a loan.

We built a simple and seamless application process. All you need to do is to follow the prompts and provide information about yourself and the transaction.

No.  Our underwriting focuses on the transaction itself and we do not pull your credit score or credit history.

After submitting your application and a complete set of documentation, you will receive the funds via wire transfer as soon as the same day.

We will purchase up to 80% of your portion of the commission prior to closing.

Yes.   The application process is 100% confidential.  We do not contact your client or your brokerage.

This is the agreement between you, as an agent, and RLTY, as the company buying a portion of your commission.  You receive payment immediately upon signing.  Then, when the real estate commissions are received by your brokerage RLTY gets paid.

No. RLTY never charges any additional or hidden fees. We keep it simple and transparent.

The cost depends on the amount you request, the risk associated with the transaction and the time until closing. By way of example, if you are requesting we purchase $5,000 of your pending commission on a closing occurring in 30 days, the cost would be approximately $275.

Absolutely. The amount that it “cost” you is considered a business expense. It is tax deductible.

Upon closing of the transaction, you will send RLTY the purchased commission by wire transfer.

We understand closings get delayed, so we automatically include a 14-day grace period beyond the closing date you put in the system for no additional cost.