RLTY provides assistance to real estate agents in approaching finance and business structure. We help fill the knowledge gap when it comes to the unique financial setup of independent contractors, and robust confusion over cash flow, business structure, tax payments, tax deductions, and how to best proceed in a shifting market.

Our innovative, detailed services are designed to benefit real estate agents in all facets of running a real estate business. We help agents feel more in control and positioned to unlock significant savings by incorporating fundamental business development strategies typically reserved for more established entrepreneurs.


Discounted legal advisory services, including LLC formation and filing. As an independent contractor you need to protect yourself.


Preferred access to a network of thought leaders and real estate courses.


Connection to a network of accountants with expertise in independent contractors, specifically real estate agents, at reduced flat fee rates.


Preferred access to financial institutions and professionals. This means you can get a mortgage, preferred banking rates and more.